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Yuletide Letter by lifeisyetfair

Hi! This is my first time participating in Yuletide, and I'd like to thank you in advance for writing a story for me! On to specific fandoms.

1. Don Carlos - Friedrich Schiller: I've written both of the fics in this fandom (as opposed to the Verdi opera fandom, which has some overlap). Both of them are Rodrigo-centric so you can see I'm interested in that character. Philip is also super-interesting, any sort of introspection/interaction with him is great! I ship Rodrigo/Elisabeth but PLEASE don't have them actually sleep together and/or character-bash Carlos. Generally I like canon-era and non-AU, though if you have an interesting AU, feel free. I just love all the characters and want MORE of them. For minor characters, I find the Duke of Alba fascinating (see his confrontation with Carlos in Act II) and Lerma is pretty cool as well. You don't have to include any of the characters I named-- I'm leaving you entirely free in that respect.

2. Quatrevingt-treize - Victor Hugo: Cimourdain is fascinating. Don't make him evil, but explore the complexity of the character. Other things I like-- Michelle/Radoub, Gauvain and his standards and his eye to the future, Lantenac's sang-froid. Things I don't like-- portrayal of the French Revolution as an overall negative and unnecessary event. Obviously it was complex, but don't just bash it.

3. Aeschuylus - The Oresteia: Based on the characters named, this is more likely to be Euripides' universe (iirc Iphigeneia doesn't appear in the Oresteia, and Pylades has one line). But anyway, I love the Orestes and Pylades relationship, however you interpret it. I love their willingness to sacrifice for each other. I love Electra and her bitterness and courage, and it would be interesting to see her marriage to Pylades. And of course, Iphigeneia and the eucatastrophic ending.

4. The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson: Tain Hu is amazing and if you can capture the reasons why, her strength and cleverness and loyalty and desire to make others free, that would be great. I love Tain Hu/Baru. I also love the friendship between Lyxaxu and Oathsfire, so if you want to explore those two characters, I would be absolutely delighted.


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